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How Do I Choose My Wedding Hair and Makeup?

May 6


Of all the choices you'll make for your wedding day, the hair and makeup Bay Area would be one of the most difficult experience. In the end, you'll be taking thousands to hundreds of photographs. Also, your hair and makeup will be crucial aspects in determining how you appear during your special day.

When you're deciding on the wedding hairstyle and makeup, think about the theme, venue, and the dress. It is also important to take into consideration the time for your ceremony. Match your hairstyle and skin type. You can get a variety of ideas on the internet.

With all the alternatives available in the Bay Area, you must be overwhelmed by the number of inspiring photographs. You might be confused when you first started your journey. We've put together suggestions to choose the ideal wedding hair and makeup options for you! Let's assist you in coming up with the ideal wedding hair and makeup options for your wedding day.

Tips For Choosing Wedding Hair And Makeup In The Bay Area.

If you're confused about selecting the right wedding hairstyle and makeup for California's Bay Area, we've got you covered. We'll give you 10 tips for doing the right thing. The most important thing is finding the right style that matches the style you prefer.

Prep Your Hair and Skin Before Your Wedding Day

Before beginning the actual makeup and hair process, you must take care of your hair and skin a couple of months prior to your big day. It is essential to maintain healthy and clean hair and face so that the entire process can be done smoothly.

You'll end up with less prone to shedding and skin that won't make your hairstylist have a difficult time.

Just a few weeks before your wedding date, you might be looking to improve your lashes by scheduling an appointment with extensions for your eyelashes located in the Bay Area. It is helpful to plan the color you would like your hair to look on the day of your wedding to ensure you have the time to get it done.

Start establishing a dependable regimen for hair and skincare. It is also possible to regularly schedule facials and hair treatments to make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Consider Your Venue

If you've already decided on the location for your wedding You can then make use of it as a base for your wedding hairstyle and makeup. It doesn't matter if it's an outdoor church, a garden or an outdoor wedding, you can narrow down your choices based on the venue the wedding will be held.

It can help you choose the wedding hairstyle and makeup that is the most appropriate for you. Let's take a look at some of the examples below.

  • Weddings at the beach It is recommended to go for loose waves, coupled with a bronzed glowy makeup.
  • Weddings that are formal indoor A chic up-do hairstyle or soft curly hair with soft make-up and bold lipstick color is a great idea.
  • Outdoors weddings. You can choose hairstyles that are half-up, half-down that are loose and curly, with softly glam make-up that has natural hair.

It is important to consider the weather conditions on the day of your wedding as they can influence your overall appearance. A humid day means that a hairstyle could be the ideal choice for a stormy wedding, while a windy setting can be a great backdrop to create a stunning and elegant blow-out.

Your Outfit

Bay Area makeup artists and hairstylists can use your wedding dress as the foundation to create their own. The outfit you wear to the reception will provide a whole new world of beauty inspiration for the stylists and you.

The features of your gown, such as neckline fabric, shape color, formality, and shape will help you choose the appropriate wedding hairstyle and makeup combo that will help you feel and look at your best.

Identify Your Wedding's Color Scheme

If you have the wedding's color scheme selected, you are able to make use of your color scheme to help inspire your wedding makeup and hair. You can incorporate shades into the color schemes.

For instance: if your primary color is mauve or brown then you could think about moving the smokey eye to compliment the color. It is also possible to incorporate these colors to create a simple but attractive cut crease eyeshadow look. A different option would be to select the lightest shade of your palette and apply it to create a stunning illusion of a halo.

Follow Your Wedding Theme

If you are planning to have your bridal hairstyle and make-up, you'll need to align your appearance with the theme of the wedding. For instance, a vintage theme suggests that you can blend smooth and defined curls with a striking lip color or feathered liner.

A boho-inspired theme is a great match for the bridal beauty look. It has loose waves as well as natural makeup with a bronzy look.

Consider The Time Of Your Wedding

To achieve a flawless hairstyle and makeup, particularly your makeup, it is important to be aware of the precise time of your party. Knowing if the event will take place in the morning or afternoon or in the evening, can help you make the right choice.

It is helpful if you thought about the fact that even with professional lighting, it is possible that the lighting will be dependent on the time of day. A daytime wedding is a casual affair that allows you to go for less glam makeup. But, a formal black-tie ceremony may require a striking makeup style so that you, as the bride, can stand out.

Decide Based On Your Hair and Skin Type

In order to ensure you're hair, and makeup appears beautiful on the wedding day You must think about the makeup you'll use. The length of your hair and the texture will determine which hairstyles be the best, and your skin kind will inform you what makeup options will be more effective than others.

Identify Your Preference

When you're looking for that perfect bridal style it is likely that you have looked up "wedding makeup near me" on the internet. But, it is important to think about what you like! This is your day after all and you should pick your hairstyle and makeup that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Do you have a favorite lip shade that you are certain works for your face and undertone? Do you prefer an elegant glam instead of an eye-catching makeup style? Start with what you are confident will work for you, and let your hairstylists and makeup artists take it from there.

Get Inspired Online

You may want to take some pictures along when you schedule your trial. These could come from any source! An article in a magazine, or something you saw on Pinterest or an Internet search could be the perfect inspiration for your look. The wedding hairstylist and makeup artist will know what you are looking for through looking at pictures, and they'll be able to mix elements from different photos to create your own unique style.

To locate images can be used to base your decisions You can browse different platforms. Pinterest, Instagram, Google Images and even bridal magazines are fantastic sources.

Have Decent Hair and Makeup Trials

Before the wedding ceremony, trials of your hair and makeup together with the Bay Area makeup artist and hairstylist can give you a variety of options to select from. You could show a few pictures of inspiration to your stylists and let them work their magic.

You can provide your feedback following every hair and makeup style in order to inform them the elements you like and dislike. After several weeks you'll be able to repeat the trial, where you and your group will create the appearance you'll wear on the day of your wedding.

What Comes First? Hair Or Makeup For A Wedding?

If you're wondering how to begin with your hair or apply makeup for your wedding - We have you covered. Many experts believe that you should do your hair first before applying makeup. Here are three reasons you should begin by putting your hair in first:

  • Hair is the first thing to be considered because, most of the time you'll break sweat as it occurs. The heat produced by the flat irons and curling will be intense since it makes it easier to ensure that your hair follows and maintain its shape. It is not a good idea for your hair to melt when you sweat.
  • Certain hairstyles such as curling hair using hot rollers require more time to dry. This is why it should be done first before starting applying makeup.
  • If you are a person with an oily complexion You might want to apply your makeup afterward. This way, you will be able to effortlessly clean your face prior to applying your makeup at the hands of your cosmetic artist.


When you are getting married you, as the bride needs to feel and appear stunning. It is why you should find the most reputable Bay Area makeup artist and hairstylist who will make you appear and feel stunning.

Many glam teams provide bridal hair and makeup packages to ease your stress while some concentrate on one type of service more than the others. When you decide to hire sets or on their own, you'll need to adhere to these suggestions!

Are you getting married soon and seeking assistance for your big day? Let us help you plan to get your hair and makeup done by a professional beautician in the Bay Area!


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