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How To Find Affordable Vintage Landscape Art

Sep 28

Beautiful and fashionable classic landscape paintings might be expensive to buy. Learn how to get the same appearance at a much lower cost!

You have undoubtedly seen the landscape artwork that is now pervasive, I'm sure. Every modern designer is capable of creating it, and I believe the results are wonderful.

You understand what I mean when I say the wonderful brass frame that beautifully frames the blues and greens of a landscape, usually without a mat. But they are really quite expensive. I've had my eye on a few of them, but I've also been looking for less expensive alternatives.

These are a handful of those that have attracted my attention recently.

The Splurge: I Love Landscape Art

Now, if you were quick and managed to get some artwork from the Studio McGee x Target collection, you did it for less than $20. On the other hand, I have seen them for as much as $1,000 and anywhere from $100 to $300!

I have nothing against purchasing great art, but I'll almost always check about to see if I can find something that costs less but is just as lovely.

So, one day when I was perusing Etsy, I came upon a store that had stunning downloadable art that seemed to have been taken from my grandmother's cellar. Because so many of them exhibit the cracks and wear of an original in the digital file, I'm very certain these are scans of the originals. (Edit in 2021: Since I initially learned about them, their costs have increased significantly.

The Search: Low-Cost Brass Frame

Then I started looking for a cheap brass frame. And I also discovered that! I'm sure I could have visited a thrift shop and discovered something vintage, but since there aren't many excellent ones around, I ended up finding one at a store.

You may utilize a 5 by 7 print if you use the mat; otherwise, it becomes an 8 by 10 frame. With a discount coupon, they were just approximately $6 apiece, so I was satisfied.

Consequently, I was able to create a stunning 8 × 10 landscape painting that I adored for approximately $12. (Again, the prints have increased since I made this, but the cost to create this art trio is still around $40.) And that's rather admirable!)

I chose three prints, which I then framed for my living room.

This little area of the room required some character. I've been looking for something compact and adorable for that spot since I can view it from the kitchen and when doing dishes at the sink. I like how they stand out on our Hale Navy wall, and these are great!

The greatest part is that the Etsy store also offers stunning ocean prints, so I'll swap up these prints with a fall-like theme for some more summery ones next summer.

A large portion of digital art is also available for the Frame TV. So it's quite simple to get their beautiful art on the TV as well if you possess a Frame TV as I do!

How do you feel? Are you a fan of the trend in vintage landscape art? What are your favorite prints?