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What is the purpose of the family portrait?

Oct 4

Like most people, I'm sure you realized during the Pandemic that your family and those in your circle are your whole world. Your home is where you can escape the world's stresses and find peace. It suddenly becomes essential to you how your home feels and looks.

You may have thought of family portrait photography over the years, but it hasn't happened. You're too busy. There is nothing you can wear. You need to get your hair done. You need to lose weight. It can be challenging to bring everyone together.

Let me assure you that your decision to invest in family photography is essential. Family portraits are a way to bring your family closer together. All your family in one frame. It is a reminder to your family of their love for each other. Family portraits are a source of joy. They bring joy and make you smile. Your family portraits can be comforting and healing in times like these.

Here are five reasons why Vancouver family photography matters. 

Document growth

Family photos are an excellent way to document events in our lives and see how our family has changed over time. Your children feel connected to your story if they see past and present photos.

We forget all too often about our pasts because we are too busy creating our future. As moms to teenagers and young adults, we've seen this firsthand. They are off to college in a flash!

Life happens

Although we may not like to admit it, the family composition can change quickly, and beloved ones could pass away. Children deserve to see how we looked and how much we loved them when they were their whole world. It's impossible to predict when the last opportunity for a family picture will present itself. It was difficult for me to witness, as my Mom died suddenly. I cherish the photos of her and her bright personality. They make me smile.

Reliving Memories

Photos of family members connect us with those who have gone before. These photos are an excellent way to reminisce. They are also part of our heritage. We now find ourselves at a crossroads. More than half of people keep their photos on their phones or computer in the 21st century. Mobile phones can be lost or stolen quickly, and less than 1/3 of users have backups.

In the years to come, great-grandchildren and grandchildren may ask for photos of their families. Wouldn't it be tragic that our children didn't have tangible images of their ancestors and family members who shaped the world and made us who we are today?

Increase self-esteem

A family photograph in your home can surprisingly affect your child's mental health. Did you know that hanging photos of your family in your home can increase your children's self-esteem?

Research shows that having family photos prominently displayed in your home communicates that you value one another and honor the shared memories. It is a reminder that you are safe and belong. It helps build their confidence and shows how much they are loved.

All in One Frame

I have many photos of my husband and children over the years, if you're anything like me. There are very few pictures of me in them as I was always the one who took them. It's not because I'm a photographer, as I wasn't back then, but because I saw a moment and wanted to capture it through all of the chaos to remember the times we shared

The problem is that I took them on my smartphone. While they have a great memory, they are only a snapshot and not high-quality enough to print large or frame. That is what I now know.

Let's Connect

I would be delighted to hear more about your family and their photographic needs. We are looking forward to hearing your story. Moreovery, you can contact professional Alyssa Orrego Photography for an outstanding family portrait.