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Why have a family photoshoot?

Oct 4

A family photo shoot session is about the smiles and happy expressions I capture in each shot. A maternity or newborn session can create lasting memories for the new baby in your family. A family photo shoot is the natural continuation of that.

Family Portraits tell the visual story about your family. Your look, smile, and hugs with your partner tell your story, while photos of you and your children tell your story.

You will look back at these photos in a few years as they grow up and leave the house.

Many families choose to have a family photo shoot each year to create a special memory they can cherish for the rest of their lives. As a parent, I strongly support the idea that a family photo session should be held annually. Here are some reasons to schedule a professional Vancouver family photography. Let’s dive straight into it. 


Each photographer has their style and technical skills. Some photographers may have a studio setup for clients who prefer studio sessions over outdoor shoots. There are many photographers out there. Recognizing a boutique photographer as soon as you see one is essential. The right photographer can make a massive difference in the outcome of your family photography experience.

A boutique photographer can help you choose the right style and capture your innermost essence. Technical expertise is essential, but it's not just about the camera, lighting, or pose that makes a portrait successful. The connection that the photographer makes with the subject is what makes the image come alive.

It is straightforward to take a snap with your smartphone, but it takes a professional photographer like Alyssa Orrego Photography to create a meaningful portrait.


One of my favorite things about photography is that everyone now has a camera in their pockets. Sometimes technology is so dependent that we forget how to care for our most valuable things. Smartphones can be handy and powerful cameras can take amazing photos. But what's their actual value?

We often hack our phones before backing up our most important photos to cloud storage. Even in those instances, we often forget our passwords, leading to them being lost forever.

You can print them

Photographs can be made into real art you are proud of and hang on your walls.

Fine art printing is a service I offer, which is very popular after shooting. Every shot can be turned into a masterpiece. You can have it printed on high-quality professional paper and framed to match your home's style.

You can pick the images together, and I can show you where to place them. I'm always available to advise and help you choose the best wall art for your space.

They make the perfect gift.

A framed photo of your children and you are a well-received gift. Is it Father's Day, Mother's Day, or both? Your grandchildren will love your printed images and be proud to display them in their homes.

You can make a family day out of it.

A family photo shoot will require you to spend approximately 2-3 hours at a studio or another location. Your session will be fun if done right. As a mother, it is easy to see why children can get cranky if they spend too long in an environment they don't like. So I let them explore my studio and have a conversation. 

Then I let them look at my camera. They will feel more confident posing for photos and feeling comfortable. This approach makes the indoor and outdoor family photo sessions fun.